Monday, 12 January 2015


As promised yesterday evening on Facebook (yep, you can follow me there as well!) I'm doing the biggest clearance sale in the history of Ugly and Proud Records. This is mostly done for two reasons: I need some money to finance my next releases and I need to free some space on my shelves and in my boxes. This is where you come and can save quite a few bucks. You can even gather a few friends and place one order together because you can get more than one copy of the same release (if I have it available of course)!
Don't wait too much cuz lots of records I have only one copy of.

Here are the deals:

10x 7"s = 28 euros postage paid

A Thousand Words - Vivre Sa Vie
Asta Kask - Varldens Ladaste Land
Awake - Breaking Away
Borrowed Time - Captive Souls
Bright Light - Mind And Soul
Die Young - Chosen Path
Die Young / Confronto split
Double X Crossed - break these chains
Heatseeker - Desolation
Last Dayz - Fatality
My Turn / The Bridge split
Old Flings / Control Group split
Pressure - Your Rage
Raw Justice - Artificial Peace
Raw Justice - We Don't Need Your Friends
Reality Check - the world on my shoulders
Reality Returns - s/t
Safe Hands vs Vanity split
Snake Road - Severed
Soldiers - Hit The Bricks
Spiknykter - s/t
Stop At Nothing - Legends Never Die (infrared pack) (counts as 3 copies as there are 3x 7"s)
The Deal - Life's Scars
The No Marks / Dead Cuts split
The Weight We Carry - Downcast
Tongues - Raw Nerves
Troublesome - This Hill
Unforgiven - Last Of The Few
Work For It - No Escape
Worshit - s/t

7x LPs = 50 euros postage paid

Alcatraz - Smile Now, Cry Later
Animal Instinct - Unfinished Business
Appraise - deeper than that
Die Young - Chosen Path
El Camino Car Crash - Routine
Hell-O-Hill - Maelstrom
Hollow Truth - the power to endure
In Circles - Void Of Illusion
Live Fast, Die Fast - Keep Your Fingers Crossed
Mill Caras - pietas-virtus-fides
Nine Eleven - 24 years
State Of Mind - Knowledge of Self
Static Void - s/t
The Smashrooms - Wildfire

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