Saturday, 1 December 2012

U&P 011 - Can't Relate - Demo 2008

Here is all the info about my next release. I am putting this out together with Positive and Focused Records and would like to thank Toni for everything he has done and for letting me jump on the occasion and work together!

Can't Relate was a hardcore band formed in the Summer of 2007.
They didn't have merch, social media or a demo recorded before their first show; in fact, they were probably the only hardcore band in Australia at the time. Between October 2007 and November 2008, they spent more time playing shows and practicing then they did editing their myspace layout and promoting the band on the internet. The band was an outlet for everything wrong with hardcore and society at the time, and still is today. 
If you like Floorpunch, Right Brigade, Mental, Stop and Think, Chain of Strength or Carry On you will definitely dig this. These tracks were released by the band in 2008 and are now finally available on three colours of wax. Artwork is a collaboration between German graffiti-artist Jym and cartoonist Javi from Spain.
Black wax /50 [PRE-ORDER ONLY]
White wax /100
Yellow wax /100
Testpressing /14 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

new record coming soon

I am supposed to co-release with an awesome European label a 7" in January 2013. More info + bandcamp + pre-orders should be online in a week or two (when the artwork is ready)... Can I make myself a better present???

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nine Eleven tour in 2 weeks!

Hello friends,
I will be travelling with my friends from Nine Eleven on their upcoming European tour. I'll be with from 18.10 to 13.11, if you are going to one of these shows come and say hi :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Stickers coming soon!!

I have just ordered stickers and will have them in time for the Nine Eleven tour later this month... Here is what they'll look like, they are free of course and will be included in every order/trade :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lose The Life - The End Of Conformity LP free download

I am happy to announce the debut LP from Sweden's finest straight edgers Lose The Life is now available for free download in my bandcamp profile:

Check it out and buy it if you like it :)
Trades are still welcome as well...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

After Fluff distro update

Hello friends,
here is a short distro update with all the cool records I traded at Fluff fest (thanks to everybody who traded with me!!!):

Plague Mass - Union of Egoists LP  20lv

Unrestrained - s/t LP  20lv (Unrestrained (Vermont), angry hardcore for angry kids)

Old Ghosts - Caskets LP  20lv

Noose - Depraved Indifference 7"  8lv

Flawless Victory - Freedom 10"  16lv (Moscow straight edge brigade)

My Turn - Athens LP  20lv

Hard To Breathe - Grey Sky Above Our Eyes 7"  8lv

Iron To Gold - The Power Of One 7"  8lv

Enough - something we can build 7"  8lv
Enough - common visions LP  20lv

Thug X Life - all eyez on you 7"  8lv

Think Twice - deficit youth 7"  8lv

Iron Curtain - demo 7"  8lv
Iron Curtain - year of the wolf 7"  8lv

Just Die! - since the day we were born 7"  8lv

Hardside - 2009 - 2011 LP  20lv

Government Flu - Singles Collection LP  20lv

Death Mercedes vs Burning Bright split LP  20lv

Accept The Change - Escapism Is A Dying Art LP  20lv

Atari - Ten Years Strong (complete discography) LP  20lv

Warsaw Hardcore Punk Attack vol. 2 LP  20lv

Lyon Estates - como mille altre volte 7"  8lv

The Headlines - Wake Up 7"  8lv

Bridges Left Burning - Disappointment, Disapprova, Disbelief 10"  16lv

Alcatraz - Smile Now Cry Later LP  20lv

Business As Usual - s/t LP  20lv

driving the salt - the ghosts stopped watching LP  20lv

Kami Ada - Resistencia Libertad 7"  8lv

Carry The Torch vs Signs Of Hope split 7"  8lv

At Half Mast vs To The Embers split 7"  8lv

Signs Of Hope - first and foremost 7"  8lv

Screwed Up - s/t 7"  8lv

Beat Down - missing in action 7"  8lv

War Charge - s/t 7"  8lv

More Than Ever vs turn away split 7"  8lv

Light It Up - State Of Mind 7"  8lv

Built On Trust - Save My Soul 7"  8lv

Painted Wolves - Unholy 7"  8lv

White Flag vs The Holy King split 7"  8lv

The prices are in BGN, basically 2 BGN = 1 EUR. If you want to order, ask me something or just say hi => send me an email :)

Take care

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stuff for sale

hey folks,
I have down graded my big cartel subscription and can not post more than one picture per item for sale. So here I will put all the pictures of the records/shirts I sell, buy it in the webstore or shoot me an email if you are interested in something :)

Lose The Life - The End Of Conformity LP

There are 3 different vinyl colors: black, red and green. All are out of 100.

Allocation vs Raindance split 7"

There are two different vinyl colors: clear transparent and blue. Both are out of 100.

Truth Inside - s/t 7"

Vinyl comes in 3 colors: black, white and grey + a few mispressed green 7"s.

I still have a few t-shirts left, these are the designs: the only difference is that the ink is black on the shirts and not white...

Green shirts:

I still have 3 Truth Inside tests for sale + one blue Allocation vs Raindance test press... Get at me if you are interested :)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Lose The Life - the end of conformity out NOW

Hey folks,
Lose The Life's debut release The End Of Conformity is finally out on LP. There are three colors made: black, red and green. There are 100 copies of each color and you can buy them from our online store.

You can find below a few pics from Lose The Life's show in Sofia. It was a real pleasure to spend some time with you, guys :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lose The Life - the end of conformity LP pre-orders up now

Hey folks,
The pre-orders for Lose The Life - the end of conformity LP are up now in the webstore!
Check them and support the band and Ugly and Proud Records if you can :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Update March 2012

Hey folks,
what's up?

You can listen to the Raindance vs Allocation split 7" @

If you like what you hear, order it from the bigcartel hehe

Lose The Life's debut LP should be out rather sooner than later! I just got the master and will send it to the pressing plant this weekend!!! Pre-orders will be online soon too!

Take care

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 will be good :)

Happy New Year to everyone who's into it :)
I personally don't care too much about this fuss, today is as good as a day as yesterday...
The last month of 2011 saw the latest U&P release: a split 7" between Raindance (fka outrage from the states) and Allocation (Belgium's finest!) on a blue and transparent vinyl. Both colors are strictly limited to 100 copies each, get it while it's hot :)
2012 will bring us the debut LP by Sweden's promising stra-hate edge band Lose The Life! They should record some new songs later this month and then will tour Europe in the spring...
I will also have back in stock some copies of the now out of print releases Unbreakable - peace of mind 7" and the allocation - soul birds 10" (both colors for this baby, yeah)!!!

Thanks for the support and keep on supporting hardcore, straight edge and animal rights/liberation! Stay true!!!
Niki xxx