Thursday, 9 August 2012

After Fluff distro update

Hello friends,
here is a short distro update with all the cool records I traded at Fluff fest (thanks to everybody who traded with me!!!):

Plague Mass - Union of Egoists LP  20lv

Unrestrained - s/t LP  20lv (Unrestrained (Vermont), angry hardcore for angry kids)

Old Ghosts - Caskets LP  20lv

Noose - Depraved Indifference 7"  8lv

Flawless Victory - Freedom 10"  16lv (Moscow straight edge brigade)

My Turn - Athens LP  20lv

Hard To Breathe - Grey Sky Above Our Eyes 7"  8lv

Iron To Gold - The Power Of One 7"  8lv

Enough - something we can build 7"  8lv
Enough - common visions LP  20lv

Thug X Life - all eyez on you 7"  8lv

Think Twice - deficit youth 7"  8lv

Iron Curtain - demo 7"  8lv
Iron Curtain - year of the wolf 7"  8lv

Just Die! - since the day we were born 7"  8lv

Hardside - 2009 - 2011 LP  20lv

Government Flu - Singles Collection LP  20lv

Death Mercedes vs Burning Bright split LP  20lv

Accept The Change - Escapism Is A Dying Art LP  20lv

Atari - Ten Years Strong (complete discography) LP  20lv

Warsaw Hardcore Punk Attack vol. 2 LP  20lv

Lyon Estates - como mille altre volte 7"  8lv

The Headlines - Wake Up 7"  8lv

Bridges Left Burning - Disappointment, Disapprova, Disbelief 10"  16lv

Alcatraz - Smile Now Cry Later LP  20lv

Business As Usual - s/t LP  20lv

driving the salt - the ghosts stopped watching LP  20lv

Kami Ada - Resistencia Libertad 7"  8lv

Carry The Torch vs Signs Of Hope split 7"  8lv

At Half Mast vs To The Embers split 7"  8lv

Signs Of Hope - first and foremost 7"  8lv

Screwed Up - s/t 7"  8lv

Beat Down - missing in action 7"  8lv

War Charge - s/t 7"  8lv

More Than Ever vs turn away split 7"  8lv

Light It Up - State Of Mind 7"  8lv

Built On Trust - Save My Soul 7"  8lv

Painted Wolves - Unholy 7"  8lv

White Flag vs The Holy King split 7"  8lv

The prices are in BGN, basically 2 BGN = 1 EUR. If you want to order, ask me something or just say hi => send me an email :)

Take care

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