Wednesday, 29 October 2014

7 years Ugly and Proud Records

7 years ago, somewhere around end of October/beginning of November I placed the first order in the USA for the Ugly and Proud distro. The label and distro was born after some talks with friends and a need to interact with people and give back something to the scene that had given me so much.

In order to celebrate this birthday I am having a huge distro sale! Everything is now available for a minimum fee. Only the records that are on consignment are staying with the prices the bands are asking for... Everything else is cheaper and waiting for you to grab it! The proceedings from the sale will go back to the label and shall help U&P 016, U&P 017 and hopefully U&P 018 see the light of day. Two of these will be co-releases (that's the plan for now) and the last will be a special U&P release! Keep an eye as I'll post more details when the deals are sealed and the disease is ready to be spread!

Thanks for all the support throughout the years, it's really appreciated!
Take care and all the best,


5x 7"s = 5 euros + shipping

A Thousand Words - Vivre Sa Vie
Beat Down - Missing In Action
Blackout Rage - American Straight Edge
damaged goods - s/t
fairfight - the neverending road
GET RAD - choose your own adventure
Jack and the Fishermen vs Hombre Malo split
Kami Ada - resistencia libertad
On A Solid Rock - Where Kids Don't Play
One On One - Modern Times
Pressure - Your Rage
Soldiers - Hit The Bricks
The Age - s/t
The Process vs Rentokiller split
The Smashrooms - questions
The Smashrooms - winds of tomorrow
Think Twice - Deficit Youth
Unforgiven - Last Of The Few
Work For It - No Escape
Worshit - s/t
Zero Mentality vs The Setup

5x 7"s for 13 euros + shipping!

Asta Kask - Varldens Raddaste Land
Awake - Breaking Away
Borrowed Time - Captive Soul
Dedication - Break The Chains
Die Young - Chosen Path
Die Young / Confronto split
Double X Crossed - Break These Chains
Fairlane - Spot Beneath The Earth
Hangin Tough - You Booze, You Loose
Hard To Breathe - grey sky above our eyes
Identity - Planet Crusher
Iron Curtain - year of the wolf
My Turn vs The Bridge split
Old Flings / Control Group split
Reality Check - the world on my shoulders
Renounced - Conditioned From Birth 2x7"
Safe Hands vs Vanity split
The Deal - Life's Scars
The No Marks / Dead Cuts split
The Weight We Carry - Downcast

3x LPs for 14 euros + shipping

Alcatraz - Smile Now, Cry Later
Argument 5.45 - like a thousand birds
Growing Pains - This Is Not A Threat... It's A Promise
Hell-O-Hill - Maelstrom
In Circles - Void Of Illusion
Live Fast, Die Fast - Keep Your Fingers Crossed
Lose The Life - The End Of Conformity
Mill Caras - pietas-virtus-fides
Ricochet - В тени гигантов
The Smashrooms - Wildfire

3x LPs for 22 euros + shipping

Appraise - deeper than that
Die Young - Chosen Path
Guts Out - S/T
Hollow Truth - the power to endure
Nine Eleven - 24 years
Revenge - s/t
Static Void - s/t

I have a few Die Young test presses for sale too. If someone's interested - email me!

P.S. I'm also selling a few CDs from my collection, almost all of them are new/never played. Ask for prices...

A Death And A Promise vs Strenght N Honor split
Bad Reaction - Had It Coming
Blackened - This Means War
Blinded By Trust - Justice Will Prevail
Break Me - the sun is on the rise again
Brezhnev - North America Sucks
Broken Oath - Given Half A Chance
Burning Bridges - Politics Of Dead Friendships
Cervelli Stanki - 15 years… old tunes new blood
Clenched Fist - Welcome To Memphis
clobberin time vs personal vendetta split
Crawlspace vs Full Court Press - The Art Of Warfare
Dead By Dawn - New Sounds Of Murder
Dead Wrong - Hellbomb
Devil Shoots Devil vs What We Feel    split
Discipline    Downfall Of The Working Man
Discipline    Saints & Sinners
Discipline    Love Thy Neighbor
Discipline    Nice Boys Finish Last
Endstand - the time is now
endthisday - sleeping beneath the ashes of creation
Fear City - Our Way Of Life
Fed Up! - Fuck Your Life
Fifty On Red - s/t
Fight Like Hell - Rabid As Wolves
Hang - Endless Circle
Hang - another butterfly died…
Hudson Falcons - Singles Collection
I Defy - On The Outside
I Defy - The Firing Line
Les Amis D'Ta Femme - lave-toi la bouche!
Les Amis D'Ta Femme - Faut Qu'ca Lime!
Murderer's Row - Menace To Sobriety
Murderer's Row - Urban Shocker
My Revenge! - six feet of earth makes all of us equal
Not Waving But Drowning - if it's too cute…
Oubliette - Cries Of The Peaceful
PN - our pitiful paradise
Pound For Pound - Kill Yourself
Powerhouse - what lies ahead
Pride Kills - Deep In The Heart
Pride Runs Deep - Till Our Dying Day
Repercussion - and the winner is…
Retaliate - dead in the eyes of salvation
Right 4 Life - Off The Beaten Track
Samaritan - Release The Burden
Smartbomb - Diamond Heist
Striving Higher - at caelum certe patet
V/A Step To The Plate
V/A Still Going Strong
Values Intact - dear hometown
Watch Your Step - Taking You Down With Me
Your Fall - s/t

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Distro Update - Full Circle Attack Records

I got in contact with Jeff from Full Circle Attack Records and we traded a few records. Here's what you can now get directly from the U&P distro:

Live Fast, Die Fast - Keep Your Fingers Crossed LP  22 bgn

The Weight We Carry - Downcast 7"  10 bgn

Borrowed Time - Captive Soul 7"  10 bgn

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Distro update - Speedowax

I got an awesome package with a few 7" releases from my mate Rich from Speedowax. Below is a list with what I can offer you for 5 euros per copy... Don't hesitate to get in touch if you like something!

Renounced - Conditioned From Birth 2x7"

Wrong Idea - What's Left Inside 7"

The No Marks / Dead Cuts split 7"

Machinist / Dying Whale split 7"

Fairlane - Spot Beneath The Earth 7"

Old Flings / Control Group split 7"

Friday, 5 September 2014

Shark shirts coming your way!

Here's the story about the first ever Ugly and Proud Records' shirt!
I've been wondering for quite some time if I should print some label merch to help me generate money for new releases... I always postponed it as didn't want to become a clothing company.
This design is the product of a joke with a video a friend sent me on youtube. We joked a lot that the shark has my smile when I'm laughing and at one point after too many laughs I decided it should be printed on a shirt! Of course I contacted my man Javi who has made the U&P logo and he came up fast with what you see below.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

After Fluff 2014 Distro Update

Fluff 2014 has passed and I am back home. I am glad I managed to meet so many old friends and make some new ones. Food was delicious as always and I even checked out a few bands... Can I ask for more?!?
Here's what I managed to trade/buy for the distro:

Static Void - s/t LP  20 BGN

Appraise - Deeper Than That LP 20 BGN

Hollow Truth - The Power To Endure LP 20 BGN

Nine Eleven - 24 years LP 20 BGN

Last Dayz - Fatality 7"  10 BGN

Monday, 7 July 2014

Die Young - Chosen Path 12" test presses for sale/trade

Hey folks,
Here are a few pics from the Die Young test press covers. Better late than never!!!
I have a few copies for sale or trade so don't hesitate to hit me up if you want one...

Thanks to Brave Moustache!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Distro update - Headfirst! Records

Last Friday I got a nice little package from John from Headfirst! Records. He released the US version of Die Young - Chosen Path EP and we traded some records. I of course took on the opportunity and ordered a bunch of other records from his label/distro.

Die Young - Chosen Path 7" (toxic /100)
Die Young - Chosen Path 7" (toxic & black splatter vinyl /150)
Die Young - Chosen Path 7" (toxic with black smoke/haze /250)

Die Young / Confronto split 7" (coke bottle clear w/ black mixed in /300)
Die Young / Confronto split 7"(black /100)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Distro Update - Demons Run Amok day

A big shout out to my friend Marcel who runs DRA! He was once again keen on trading on some records and I just got his package this afternoon. Here's what I have available in limited quantities:

Bitterness Exhumed - V: Desperate And Miserable 12"  11 eur

The Lowest - Divided 12"  11 eur

Human Animal / Additional Time split 7"  5 eur

The Deal - Life's Scars 7"  5 eur

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Distro arrivals May

I got two cool packages yesterday and this morning and I'm expecting a few more in the coming days... Here's a short list with links to check the bands if you are not familiar with them :)

Truth - Where I Stand 7"    5 eur  SOLD OUT

Dedication - Break The Chains 7"  5 eur

Stop at Nothing - Legends Never Die  infrared pack  10 eur

Contra Todos Mis Miedos - Colera 7"  5 eur

Reflections Of Internal Rain - Answers 12"  10 eur

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Distro arrivals

I got a cool package from the post office this morning. Here's what's inside:

The Change and Path Of No Return - split 7"  5eur

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Die Young - Chosen Path 12" OUT NOW

Dear friends,
I'm really happy to announce that the new Die Young EP is finally out! The wait is over as I got the records last week. I can't express how happy I am to be part of this project.
You can find below some pictures of the records, the covers, the special test press covers and what not... You can still order all 3 colours but don't wait too much as more than 2/3 from the black vinyl is gone!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Interview in Hardboiled Webzine

Hardboiled Webzine decided to ask me some questions a few weeks ago and here are my answers.
It was a nice opportunity to speak my mind and share some label insights. Read it if you want to learn some cool things about U&P and the guy who runs it (that's me!)...

Saturday, 8 March 2014

March News!

A few updates about releases, distro etc.

- Die Young test presses are finally ready and on their way to the U&P HQ! I should have on Tuesday if I'm to believe the fedex tracking system.
- Die Young pre-orders are still going and I have sold almost half of the black vinyl pressing. Don't sleep on it!
- I'll have a few copies of the Chosen Path EP + the die young/confront split 7" from Headfirst! Records in the distro! This basically means cheap Euro distribution instead of paying for shipping from the States... If you'd like to get copies for your distro - hit me up!

The Youth Crew 2014 7" is SOLD OUT from U&P! Check out one of the other labels for copies or go to your favorite distros Straight & Alert (France) and Refuse Records (now based in Berlin, should get copies in April).

Thanks to everyone who has supported the label recently and not so recently. It's really appreciated!

Stay strong! Stay gold!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Die Young - Chosen Path EP - streaming

The US version of the new Die Young EP is now streaming exclusive @ Toxicbreed's Funhouse. The Euro version has a different tracklist so you'll just get an idea what you'll get very soon from your favourite Bulgarian label :)

Friday, 7 February 2014

U&P 014 - Youth Crew 2014 7" is officially out now on U&P!

Yes! All pre-orders were shipped this morning, all other labels have received their records as well.
If you want to order, don't sleep as I already have less than 15 copies available!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Die Young - Chosen Path EP - Euro version covers

On Friday I went to the printing company and picked up the covers for the Euro version of Die Young's new EP. Here are a few pictures of them. And they look even better in person!
There is no insert, the lyrics are printed on the inner side of the cover. I am the person on the picture and it was taken somewhere in the Vitosha mountains, near Sofia. It was supposed to be used for the cover of the record but after some talks with the band we decided together to use the actual cover and get one or a few pictures from the photo shoot on the inside. Here's how it looks like at the end:

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Die Young - Chosen Path 12" EP

Dear friends,
it's time to announce the details concerning U&P 015 - the highly anticipated new record from Texas powerhouse Die Young. The European version will be on a one sided 12" EP (while the US version is on 7") with an etched B side (the famous Die Young clock/logo skull will be engraved on the whole B side). The European version will also have a slightly different track list than the US release.
The first pressing will come in 3 different colours:
100 copies on black vinyl
150 copies on brown vinyl
250 copies on clear orange vinyl

The cover will be identical for both releases while the insert might change. More details about the artwork will be announced when it has been finalised.


01 - Enter
02 - Chosen Path
03 - Conditioned
04 - Incremental Gains
05 - Rite Of Passage
06 - Return To The Earth
07 - Scum
08 - Anthem Of The Prodigal Son

You can pre-order the record here!
You can listen to the title track here!