Saturday, 8 March 2014

March News!

A few updates about releases, distro etc.

- Die Young test presses are finally ready and on their way to the U&P HQ! I should have on Tuesday if I'm to believe the fedex tracking system.
- Die Young pre-orders are still going and I have sold almost half of the black vinyl pressing. Don't sleep on it!
- I'll have a few copies of the Chosen Path EP + the die young/confront split 7" from Headfirst! Records in the distro! This basically means cheap Euro distribution instead of paying for shipping from the States... If you'd like to get copies for your distro - hit me up!

The Youth Crew 2014 7" is SOLD OUT from U&P! Check out one of the other labels for copies or go to your favorite distros Straight & Alert (France) and Refuse Records (now based in Berlin, should get copies in April).

Thanks to everyone who has supported the label recently and not so recently. It's really appreciated!

Stay strong! Stay gold!

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