Saturday, 28 December 2013

Distro update - Gaphals

Maybe the last distro update of the year, here's what I got today at the post office:

Asta Kask - Varldens Raddaste Land 7"  10 lv

Revenge - s/t 12"  22 lv

Angers Curse - S/T LP  22 lv

Damage - Weapons Of Mass Destruction 12"  22 lv

Friday, 6 December 2013

Distro update 05/12/13

I just came home from the post office and picked a package with a few really good releases from Faro, Portugal based label Salad Days Records.

You can now buy from U&P the following releases:

SDR06 Out Of Vogue - s/t 7"  5 eur

Featuring former members of classic Swedish acts such as Subject To Change, Abhinanda and Division of Laura Lee, OOV are about to stir things up in today’s Hardcore. This is Hardcore like it’s meant to be: energetic, passionate and loud.

SDR07 Growing Pains - This Is Not A Threat, It's A Promise LP  10 eur
They hail from Sweden, the same fine land that gave the world Millencolin and Satanic Surfers among many others. You can check their energetic punk rock here.

SDR08 A Thousand Words - Vivre Sa Vie 7"  5 eur
The Portuguese juggernauts are back with a killer release. 2 songs of heavy and heartfelt Hardcore that will make your ears bleed and hit you like a punch to the stomach. FFO: Rise and Fall and Unbroken.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

U&P 014 - Youth Crew 2014 comp pre-orders are up!

I am very happy to announce that the pre-orders for the next U&P release are online.

The 4th edition of this international 7inch compilation once again features some of world's best youth crew hardcore. Available on 5 different colours of vinyl, there should be around 100 copies of each colour.

Clearsight, Ukraine
Safe and Sound, USA
Dedication, Brazil
Nothing Remains, Japan
Clean Break, Portugal
Kid Armor, USA
Right Mind, Australia
Cut Loose, France


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New distro items from Good Intentions Records

I just received a package from Good Intentions Recs from Germany! I am really happy to offer you

Hangin Tough - S/T 7"  5 eur

Counter - XXX tape 3 eur

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Distro update October 2013

Some new records have just arrived. Some of the finest Polish hardcore releases can now be found in our boxes/mailorder:

Last Dayz - Fatality 7"  10 lv

Last Dayz - No Future 7"  10 lv

Bloodstained vs Length Of Time split 7"  10 lv

Desperate Times - new course of action 7"  10 lv

V/A Very Cool & Very Core 7"  10 lv

Collina - Old Punks Should Die 7"  10 lv

xDIGx vs Reality Check split 7"  10 BGN

Friday, 18 October 2013


Hello folks,
as you may already know I have two releases scheduled for this winter. I decided I'd do a big sale on a lot of records from the distro that are just taking space at home. Feel free to hit me up via email or by whatever means you want if you have any questions/comments/suggestions :)
Prices do not include shipping!


Accept The Change - Escapism Is A Dying Art  8 eur
Alcatraz - Smile Now, Cry Later  8 eur
Angers Curse - Tighten The Screws  8 eur
BLKOUT - Point Of No Return  8 eur
Business As Usual - s/t  8 eur
driving the salt - the ghosts stopped watching  8 eur
Hardside - 2009-2011   8 eur
In Circles - Void Of Illusion  7 eur
Mil Caras - Pietas-Virtus-Fides  5 eur
Plague Mass - Union Of Egoists  8 eur
Remain - Out Of Anger  5 eur
Stay Hungry - no beginning no end  5 eur
Stay Hungry - against the wall  5 eur
The Lowest - s/t  8 eur
Young Ones - absence of reason  8 eur


A Bridge To Many - Weights  2 eur
Abusive Action - fueled  2 eur
All For Nothing - Solitary  2 eur
At Half Mast vs To The Embers split  3 eur
Balance - In Like A Lion  2 eur
Beat Down - Missing In Action  2 eur
Broken Distance - hourglass  2 eur
Built On Trust - Save My Soul  2 eur
Carry The Torch vs Signs Of Hope split  3 eur
Cheap Thrills - Arrivals  2 eur
Currahee - Back On Track  2 eur
Currahee - demo  2 eur
Currahee - why we fight  2 eur
damaged goods - s/t  2 eur
day of the dead vs the damage done  2 eur 
Deathbed vs Douglas  3.50 eur 
Efforts Made - Recollect  3 eur
fairfight - the neverending road  2 eur
fairfight - s/t  2 eur
Friday Night Sissy Fright - the minimum wage ep  3 eur
Get Rad - Choose Your Own Adventure  4 eur
Guidingline - Showdown  2 eur
Heartless - s/t  4 eur
Home Run - Your Destiny  2 eur
Incendiary vs Unrestrained split  4 eur
Iron Curtain - Year Of The Wolf  4 eur
It's Now - Resistir Y Existir  3 eur
Just Die! - since the day we were born  2.50 eur
Kami Ada - Resistencia Libertad  3.50 eur
Keep It Clear - s/t  2 eur
Last Mile - The Heavyweight  2 eur
Late Nite Wars vs Knights of Columbia  2 eur  
Light It Up - State Of Mind  2 eur
Lyon Estates - come mille altre volte  2 eur
More Than Ever vs turn away split  2 eur
Mourningside - Confessions Of Disbelief  3.50 eur
My Turn vs The Bridge split  4 eur
Niggers - born in a barn  3.50 eur
North - Perfect Body Perfect Soul  2 eur
On A Solid Rock - Where Kids Don't Play  2 eur
One On One - Modern Times  2 eur
oneXmore - s/t  2 eur
oneXmore - they say that you sold out  2 eur
Painted Wolves - Unholy  3.50 eur
Parasitic Skies - Embers  4 eur
Pressure - Your Rage  2 eur
Product X - Who Makes The Heroes  2 eur
Raindance - sold souls  3 eur
Raptures - Rats  3.50 eur
Right Idea - Right Way  2 eur
Right Idea - self titled  2 eur
Risk It! - leave mark  2 eur
Scarred Mind - Heavy Mental  3 eur
Screwed Up - s/t  2 eur
Sidetracked - Churchill Downs  2 eur
Soldiers - Hit The Bricks  3 eur
Strip The Threads - won't hold back  2 eur
The Age - s/t  2 eur
The Headlines - Wake Up  2 eur
the ice - s/t  2 eur
The Process vs Rentokiller split  3.50 eur
The Smashrooms - questions  2 eur
The Smashrooms - the wind of tomorrow  2 eur
The Wrong Side - dump truck demo  4 eur
Think Twice - Deficit Youth  3 eur
Times Together - s/t  3 eur
Troublesome - This Hell  2 eur
Unlearn - s/t  3 eur
VA - Light The Fuse 2005  3 eur   
Volver - Guatemala Esta Muerta  3.50 eur
War Charge - s/t  2 eur
Will To Die - Mass Grave  3.50 eur
You're Next - Rise  2 eur
Zero Mentality and The Setup  1 eur 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

U&P 015 will be the Die Young - Chosen Path 12" EP

Ugly and Proud Records will be releasing a uniquely packaged vinyl version of the new material for the European edition of Die Young's - Chosen Path EP. More details will be announced later this year. The release is scheduled for early 2014!

According to the band's facebook profile (, Die Young (TX) plans to release new music in 2014:

"We will enter the studio in late November to record for two new releases.

The first will be a split with the legendary Confronto from Brazil, to be released on Headfirst! Records.

The second will be our own EP, entitled "Chosen Path," also to be released on Headfirst! Records.

Vegan Records will be handling a South American version of the split with Confronto, as well as a collection CD version containing Chosen Path, the split with Confronto, and bonus material.

We're very excited to play our comeback show in Houston on December 7th alongside the best in Texas Hardcore. This is not a reunion show. There will be more shows to come, though shows cannot as frequent as in our full-time touring days. We exhausted ourselves back then, and we're older dudes with more responsibilities now, but we are going to play shows when we are able. We miss the studio, and we miss the stage."

For the next month, Die Young (TX) is offering a limited edition t-shirt to raise funds for the upcoming recordings:

Die Young (TX) formed in late 2002, and toured extensively until late 2009, when they called it quits. Die Young (TX) has notably released material with A389 Recordings, Eulogy Recordings, and Immigrant Sun Records. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Ugly and Proud releases inventory

Hey folks,
I was going through the boxes at home and here's what left of the U&P releases right now:

Lose The Life - the end of conformity LP

- 6 ltd edition LPs with the free palestine cover
- around 10 of each color of the regular version
- the band has again all 3 colors of the regular cover version

Truth Inside - s/t 7"

- 3 white 7"s
- 5 black 7"s
- 6 grey 7"s

Raindance vs Allocation split 7"

- 1 blue TEST PRESS

Can't Relate - demo 2010 7"

- 6 black 7"s (pre-order version /42)
- around 20 white and yellow 7"s (trades are welcome!)

Spiknykter 7" and Raw Justice 7" I still have plenty of copies for sale/wholesale/trade... Contact me if you are interested in something or just want to say hi :)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lose The Life limited cover LP

just as promised I just put in the webstore the last copies of The End Of Conformity LP with the limited edition screenprinted covers. Out of 25! Email me if you have any questions :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

After Fluff fest Distro update!

Here are the new records in the distro after I got back home from Fluff fest 2013:

Dull Eyes - War Anthems 10"  16 BGN

Gab De La Vega - Songs Of Existence LP  20 BGN

The Smashrooms - wildfire LP  20 BGN

Painted Wolves - S/T LP  20 BGN

Hounds Of Hate - S/T LP  20 BGN

Burning Bright - domesday LP  20 BGN

Suffer Survive - Project Mayhem LP  20 BGN

The Last Stand - The Time Is Now LP  20 BGN

Sai Nam - Crush LP  20 BGN

Subzero - Happiness Without Peace LP  20 BGN

My Turn vs The Bridge split 7"   10 BGN

Old Ghosts - Drowning 7"  10 BGN

Iron To Gold - Demo 2010 7"  10 BGN

Daydream - S/T 7"  10 BGN

death row vs hard to breathe split 7!  10 BGN

Demonwomb - Cursed 7"  10 BGN

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lose The Life - the end of conformity LP free palestine cover /25

The pressing plant pressed 25 LPs more than the 300 covers I had ordered. So I had 25 LPs waiting for a limited edition cover... And what better time to do it than Fluff fest? So this is how the free palestine cover took shape. Story in pictures by Brave Moustache!
The covers are handnumbered by myself and silkscreened by Brave Moustache. 25 copies were made, less than 20 will be for sale. I'll put the left overs from Fluff in the webstore next week!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Raw Justice 7" OUT NOW

I am proud to announce the Raw Justice - We Don't Need Your Friends EP is now officially out from Ugly and Proud Records too!
I got the records today and they look amazing. I am really happy to help my friends with their debut record. The pre-orders should be shipped during the next few days. Thanks to everyone who ordered one!
All you other people, get yours now as they are going fast (especially from Straight & Alert)...

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Spiknykter 7" is out now!

I have forgotten to announce it here but since last Tuesday Spiknykter's 7" is officially out! You can order it from the webstore, via email or from the band. I'll also have a distro at fluff.
Trades are welcome as usual, email me for/with more info :)

Take care and enjoy life!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Raw Justice - pre-orders are online

My good friend Alexis has already received and approved the test presses so we decided to launch the pre-orders for the debut Raw Justice 7". You can pick it up from here:

Monday, 22 April 2013

Raw Justice 7" update

The master is finished and this should be sent in the next few days to the pressing plant! Pre-orders will start as soon as possible!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spiknykter pre-orders are online!

Hey folks,
I have put online the pre-orders for the debut Spiknykter 7"!
You can also buy it from Commitment Records or Refuse Records. Check it out @

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Update April 2013

I'll keep it short this time.
Pre-orders for the Spiknykter 7" should be up most probably on Sunday!
Raw Justice is still waiting for the master and the songs will be sent to the pressing plant (hopefully next week).
I will sell some records from my personal collection in order to finance a trip to somewhere at some point in the near future! Keep an eye :)

Take care and thanks for the support!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Distro update March 2013

Hi people,
following records have been added to the distro. Hit me up if you like something :)

In Circles - Void of Illusion LP 16lv

Scarred Mind - Heavy Mental 7"  10lv

Declaration - searching for the answers 7"  10lv

Safe Hands vs Vanity split 7"  10lv

Driven Fear vs Mouthful Of Air split 7"  10lv

Reality Check - the world on my shoulders 7"  10lv

Identity - Planet Crusher 7"  10lv

Work For It - No Escape 7"  10lv

American Nightmare - 4 song demo 7"  10lv
Blacklisted - so, you are a magician 7"  10lv
Blacklisted - live on BBC1 7"  10lv
Touche Amore - live on BBC1 7" 10lv

Crawlspace - enter the realm of chaos LP - 15 lv
 Living Hell - Oblivion LP  22 lv

Niggers - Ugly Russians tape  6 lv
Niggers - born in a barn 7"  10 lv

Axidance vs Gattaca split tape  6 lv
With Honor - s/t 7"  10 lv
The Wrong Side - dump truck demo 7"  10 lv
Most Precious Blood - demo 7"  10 lv

Incendiary vs Unrestrained - split 7"  10 lv

All Out War - hymns of the apocalypse 7"  10 lv

Friday, 15 February 2013

February sale

I am trying to free some space at home for my new releases this spring so all the below 7"s are only 2.50 euros each. Help me fund my newest releases!

A Bridge To Many - Weights
Abusive Action - fueled
All For Nothing - Solitary
Anchor - Relations of Violence
At Half Mast vs To The Embers split
Balance - In Like A Lion
Beat Down - Missing In Action
Broken Distance - hourglass
Built On Trust - Save My Soul
Carry The Torch vs Signs Of Hope split
Cheap Thrills - Arrivals
Currahee - Back On Track
Currahee - demo
Currahee - why we fight
damaged goods - s/t
day of the dead vs the damage done    
fairfight - the neverending road
fairfight - s/t
Get Lost - the end
Guidingline - Showdown
Home Run - Your Destiny
It's Now - Resistir Y Existir
Jack and the Fishermen vs Hombre Malo split
Just Die! - since the day we were born
Kami Ada - Resistencia Libertad
Keep It Clear - s/t
Last Mile - The Heavyweight
Late Nite Wars vs Knights of Columbia    
Light It Up - State Of Mind
Lyon Estates - come mille altre volte
More Than Ever vs turn away split
No Turning Back - rise from the ashes
North - Perfect Body Perfect Soul
On A Solid Rock - Where Kids Don't Play
One On One - Modern Times
oneXmore - s/t
oneXmore - they say that you sold out
Pressure - Your Rage
Product X - Who Makes The Heroes
Right Idea - Right Way 
Right Idea - self titled
Risk It! - leave mark
Screwed Up - s/t
Sidetracked - Churchill Downs
Strip The Threads - won't hold back
The Age - s/t
The Bonus Army - Negative Outlooks
The Headlines - Wake Up
the ice - s/t
The Smashrooms - questions
The Smashrooms - the wind of tomorrow
Troublesome - This Hell
Truth Inside - s/t
Unlearn - s/t
VA - Light The Fuse 2005    
Volver - Guatemala Esta Muerta
War Charge - s/t
Worshit - s/t
xCurraheex vs Truth Inside vs Unforce split
You're Next - Rise
Zero Mentality vs The Setup split

Monday, 21 January 2013

Can't Relate - Demo 2008 7" is out now!

Hey people, I received the 7"s today and even managed to prepare a few packages for the pre-orders! I am of course super excited and will ship all pre-orders this week. All you kind people will receive a confirmation email when your records are shipped...
I still have a few black copies left + one test press, email me for more details.

I am also working on my next releases and U&P 012 should be spiknykter's debut 7" in collaboration with Commitment Records and Refuse Records! It's a real honour for me to work with two great labels I appreciate so much so I am waiting impatiently for this to happen. Later this year I should also release the follow up to Lose The Life - the end of conformity LP in the form of a 7" too. 2013 will be the year of the 7"s as there might be another in between the two aforementionned Swedish bands but more info will be posted when this is fixed!

Take care and enjoy life