Friday, 6 December 2013

Distro update 05/12/13

I just came home from the post office and picked a package with a few really good releases from Faro, Portugal based label Salad Days Records.

You can now buy from U&P the following releases:

SDR06 Out Of Vogue - s/t 7"  5 eur

Featuring former members of classic Swedish acts such as Subject To Change, Abhinanda and Division of Laura Lee, OOV are about to stir things up in today’s Hardcore. This is Hardcore like it’s meant to be: energetic, passionate and loud.

SDR07 Growing Pains - This Is Not A Threat, It's A Promise LP  10 eur
They hail from Sweden, the same fine land that gave the world Millencolin and Satanic Surfers among many others. You can check their energetic punk rock here.

SDR08 A Thousand Words - Vivre Sa Vie 7"  5 eur
The Portuguese juggernauts are back with a killer release. 2 songs of heavy and heartfelt Hardcore that will make your ears bleed and hit you like a punch to the stomach. FFO: Rise and Fall and Unbroken.

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