Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stuff for sale

hey folks,
I have down graded my big cartel subscription and can not post more than one picture per item for sale. So here I will put all the pictures of the records/shirts I sell, buy it in the webstore or shoot me an email if you are interested in something :)

Lose The Life - The End Of Conformity LP

There are 3 different vinyl colors: black, red and green. All are out of 100.

Allocation vs Raindance split 7"

There are two different vinyl colors: clear transparent and blue. Both are out of 100.

Truth Inside - s/t 7"

Vinyl comes in 3 colors: black, white and grey + a few mispressed green 7"s.

I still have a few t-shirts left, these are the designs: the only difference is that the ink is black on the shirts and not white...

Green shirts:

I still have 3 Truth Inside tests for sale + one blue Allocation vs Raindance test press... Get at me if you are interested :)


  1. hah, nice to find you on blogspot :) i'm the guy that ordered the allocation 10".
    i listened to your whole bandcamp uploads and i think i'll buy all the other vinyl stuff you have in store. but maybe next month... have to watch my budget :)

    1. Awesome!!! Thanks a lot and just send me an email if you wanna order more than 2 or 3 items, shipping might be cheaper than on bigcartel (I'll check and let you know)... Take care! Niki