Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January distro update

Happy New Year, folks!

The first boxes with records arrived last week at the U&P HQ and you can now buy releases from Elephant Skin Records, Sell Your Soul Records and Take It Back Records!

This time you can also find how these awesome records look like on top of listening to them for free on bandcamp... It's sweet, isn't it?

The Dog - The Value Of Life Is Negative 7"  SOLD OUT

Heatseeker - Desolation 7"

Bright Light - Mind And Soul 7"

Reality Returns - s/t 7"

Tongues - Raw Nerves 7"

State Of Mind - Knowledge of Self LP

Animal Instinct - Unfinished Business LP

El Camino Car Crash - Routine 12"

Crop Circles - Citizens of Fear LP

Fever Dreams - Life Has Departed LP  SOLD OUT

Trudger - Dormiveglia LP

Ravage Ritual - Soul Eater LP  SOLD OUT

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