Friday, 25 September 2015

End Of September SALE

The summer is over, winter is coming and with it - new releases from Ugly and Proud. Therefore I decided to do a sale and make some room at the U&P HQ for the stuff to come.

Every 7" from this list is 2 euros + postage:

Attrito - congegno
Dead Wrong / The Banner split
Death Row / Hard To Breathe
Last Dayz - Fatality
Last Dayz - ready to die
Poder De Cambiar - s/t
Prayer For Cleansing - The Tragedy
Soldiers - Hit The Bricks
Spiknykter - s/t
Tongues - Raw Nerves
Torchbearer - The Worst Is Yet To Come
Vengeance Today - Rest In Piss
Vicious Cycle - Blind To Pain
Work For It - No Escape

Every LP from this list is 5 euros + postage:

Col.lapse - enfonsat
Damage - Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Hell-O-Hill - Maelstrom
Hollow Truth - the power to endure
The Smashrooms - Wildfire

If you order for more than 25 euros I could even offer you a shirt from my 2nd hand sale that you check on facebook.

Any questions - just send me an email :)

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