Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ugly and Proud distro 7"s

All records are 4 EUR или 8 лева

A Bridge To Many - Weights
Alfatec - Brainphobia
All For Nothing - Solitary
Blade - Lambs To The Slaughter
Cheap Thrills - Arrivals
Critical Point - Demo
Currahee - Why We Fight
day of the dead - s/t
fairfight - the neverending road
fairfight - s/t
FPO - Straight To The Point
Get Lost - the end
Guidingline - Showdown
Hard Times - Demain nous appartient
Kids Like Us - Truth Alone Triumphs
Ironclad - s/t
Last Mile - The Heavyweight
Keep It Clear - s/t
Not Sorry - Moving On
One On One - Modern Times
On A Solid Rock - Where Kids Don't Play
oneXmore - s/t
oneXmore - they say that you sold out
Please Die - on this cross
Product X - Who Makes The Heroes
Sidetracked - Churchill Downs
Take Control - Tides
The Age - s/t
The Bonus Army - Negative Outlooks
North - Perfect Body Perfect Soul
the ice - s/t
X-Men - We Won't Take Part
Indignity vs Outrage
Zero Mentality and The Setup
Late Nite Wars vs Knights of Columbia
Human Demise vs Worth The Pain
Sink Or Swim vs In One Piece
day of the dead vs the damage done
fire walk with me vs kobraxi
VA - Light The Fuse 2005

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