Friday, 25 September 2015

End Of September SALE

The summer is over, winter is coming and with it - new releases from Ugly and Proud. Therefore I decided to do a sale and make some room at the U&P HQ for the stuff to come.

Every 7" from this list is 2 euros + postage:

Attrito - congegno
Dead Wrong / The Banner split
Death Row / Hard To Breathe
Last Dayz - Fatality
Last Dayz - ready to die
Poder De Cambiar - s/t
Prayer For Cleansing - The Tragedy
Soldiers - Hit The Bricks
Spiknykter - s/t
Tongues - Raw Nerves
Torchbearer - The Worst Is Yet To Come
Vengeance Today - Rest In Piss
Vicious Cycle - Blind To Pain
Work For It - No Escape

Every LP from this list is 5 euros + postage:

Col.lapse - enfonsat
Damage - Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Hell-O-Hill - Maelstrom
Hollow Truth - the power to endure
The Smashrooms - Wildfire

If you order for more than 25 euros I could even offer you a shirt from my 2nd hand sale that you check on facebook.

Any questions - just send me an email :)

Thursday, 3 September 2015

U&P 016 - Seven Generations - Love Through Unrepining Hours 12" EP

As some of you have already noticed, the Seven Generations 12" EP is already out! Some people have even received their records and the feedback has been really positive.

I am really proud to be able to work with Seven Generations and release their last recorded songs. I first got in touch with Chris and Tim from 7 Gen last autumn. Almost nine months later I have the records in my hands. It took a long time to get this done but it's totally worth it. 7 Gen is one of my favorite bands (I even have some lyrics from the song Chimera tattoeed on my left leg) so it's a real honor to work with them. I would like to thank the band to have agreed to do this release with a small label from the other side of the world.

The EP has 4 songs on the A side and a blank B side. All benefits will be donated to Proyecto Huella, Tim's grassroots organization doing conservation work in Costa Rica.
I wanted to press 300 copies but the pressing plant did 330 so the final pressing info is

20x Test Presses / black wax, blank labels, hand numbered, extra TP cover
110x Black wax / pre-order version but I have a few copies left
220x Transparent wax / regular version

The booklets (20 pages) look like this: