Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 will be good :)

Happy New Year to everyone who's into it :)
I personally don't care too much about this fuss, today is as good as a day as yesterday...
The last month of 2011 saw the latest U&P release: a split 7" between Raindance (fka outrage from the states) and Allocation (Belgium's finest!) on a blue and transparent vinyl. Both colors are strictly limited to 100 copies each, get it while it's hot :)
2012 will bring us the debut LP by Sweden's promising stra-hate edge band Lose The Life! They should record some new songs later this month and then will tour Europe in the spring...
I will also have back in stock some copies of the now out of print releases Unbreakable - peace of mind 7" and the allocation - soul birds 10" (both colors for this baby, yeah)!!!

Thanks for the support and keep on supporting hardcore, straight edge and animal rights/liberation! Stay true!!!
Niki xxx