Monday, 21 January 2013

Can't Relate - Demo 2008 7" is out now!

Hey people, I received the 7"s today and even managed to prepare a few packages for the pre-orders! I am of course super excited and will ship all pre-orders this week. All you kind people will receive a confirmation email when your records are shipped...
I still have a few black copies left + one test press, email me for more details.

I am also working on my next releases and U&P 012 should be spiknykter's debut 7" in collaboration with Commitment Records and Refuse Records! It's a real honour for me to work with two great labels I appreciate so much so I am waiting impatiently for this to happen. Later this year I should also release the follow up to Lose The Life - the end of conformity LP in the form of a 7" too. 2013 will be the year of the 7"s as there might be another in between the two aforementionned Swedish bands but more info will be posted when this is fixed!

Take care and enjoy life