Sunday, 29 November 2015

Distro update

Hey folks,
I hope you are doing well. Here's another distro update to which I'll just have to add the Leeway represses in two weeks and that will be it for this year. There is still a sale going on too on some records from the distro. And on top of that - if you buy more than 2 records that are not on sale you can get a record from the sale for free. I need some space and money for my new releases that are just around the corner. Keep an eye for that as well...

Friday, 23 October 2015

Distro update!

Hey lovely people,
here's one of the last distro updates for 2015 (maybe even the last one)...

Here's what's new, if you have any questions - feel free to ask me!

Thanks for your attention and dedication!

Friday, 25 September 2015

End Of September SALE

The summer is over, winter is coming and with it - new releases from Ugly and Proud. Therefore I decided to do a sale and make some room at the U&P HQ for the stuff to come.

Every 7" from this list is 2 euros + postage:

Attrito - congegno
Dead Wrong / The Banner split
Death Row / Hard To Breathe
Last Dayz - Fatality
Last Dayz - ready to die
Poder De Cambiar - s/t
Prayer For Cleansing - The Tragedy
Soldiers - Hit The Bricks
Spiknykter - s/t
Tongues - Raw Nerves
Torchbearer - The Worst Is Yet To Come
Vengeance Today - Rest In Piss
Vicious Cycle - Blind To Pain
Work For It - No Escape

Every LP from this list is 5 euros + postage:

Col.lapse - enfonsat
Damage - Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Hell-O-Hill - Maelstrom
Hollow Truth - the power to endure
The Smashrooms - Wildfire

If you order for more than 25 euros I could even offer you a shirt from my 2nd hand sale that you check on facebook.

Any questions - just send me an email :)

Thursday, 3 September 2015

U&P 016 - Seven Generations - Love Through Unrepining Hours 12" EP

As some of you have already noticed, the Seven Generations 12" EP is already out! Some people have even received their records and the feedback has been really positive.

I am really proud to be able to work with Seven Generations and release their last recorded songs. I first got in touch with Chris and Tim from 7 Gen last autumn. Almost nine months later I have the records in my hands. It took a long time to get this done but it's totally worth it. 7 Gen is one of my favorite bands (I even have some lyrics from the song Chimera tattoeed on my left leg) so it's a real honor to work with them. I would like to thank the band to have agreed to do this release with a small label from the other side of the world.

The EP has 4 songs on the A side and a blank B side. All benefits will be donated to Proyecto Huella, Tim's grassroots organization doing conservation work in Costa Rica.
I wanted to press 300 copies but the pressing plant did 330 so the final pressing info is

20x Test Presses / black wax, blank labels, hand numbered, extra TP cover
110x Black wax / pre-order version but I have a few copies left
220x Transparent wax / regular version

The booklets (20 pages) look like this:

Monday, 10 August 2015

U&P 018 - Gab De La Vega - Never Look Back

U&P 018 is different than the previous releases on the label. Gab is a good friend of mine and I thought it would be cool to help him with his 2nd solo album. It's a co-release with lots of cool labels.



Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Last Seven Generations EP finally on Vinyl

Yes, I am finally able to share the news with everybody - U&P is releasing the last 4 songs recorded by 7 Generations! I am really excited as this is another all-time favorite band of mine I am able to work with through the label. It took me a lot of time to arrange everything but the EP will be out in 2 to 3 weeks.
It's going to be a single-sided 12" vinyl with 4 songs released digitally for the first time in 2013. The run's pretty limited:

U&P016 (single-sided 12″ vinyl, ltd. 300 copies)
20 test presses (black vinyl / alternative cover)
110 Black (pre-order only)
220 Transparent / Clear
+ a booklet

Monday, 11 May 2015

Guidance - Path Of Grace LP is out now!

Yes! That's true!
The Guidance LPs are ready to ship! I picked the covers last week and handnumbered and handstamped the labels. All pre-orders will be shipped this week (while some of them have been sent on Saturday)... Keep an eye on your post box or place an order if you haven't done so till now :)

Friday, 6 March 2015

what's up?

Dear folks,
I hope you are doing fine.

Shit got real after the first distro updates of the year and I am now working on new releases. I have already confirmed 2 12"s that should be out before the summer. There will possibly be another 12" out by the same time but we have yet to confirm all the details about it.
On top of that I've started working on the new Youth Crew comp 7" that will be released in January 2016. First bands are being confirmed as you're reading this...

Get stoked and keep an eye for updates! I'll be busy making flyers and contacting pressing plants and printers in the meantime... Yo!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January distro update

Happy New Year, folks!

The first boxes with records arrived last week at the U&P HQ and you can now buy releases from Elephant Skin Records, Sell Your Soul Records and Take It Back Records!

This time you can also find how these awesome records look like on top of listening to them for free on bandcamp... It's sweet, isn't it?

The Dog - The Value Of Life Is Negative 7"  SOLD OUT

Heatseeker - Desolation 7"

Bright Light - Mind And Soul 7"

Reality Returns - s/t 7"

Tongues - Raw Nerves 7"

State Of Mind - Knowledge of Self LP

Animal Instinct - Unfinished Business LP

El Camino Car Crash - Routine 12"

Crop Circles - Citizens of Fear LP

Fever Dreams - Life Has Departed LP  SOLD OUT

Trudger - Dormiveglia LP

Ravage Ritual - Soul Eater LP  SOLD OUT

Monday, 12 January 2015


As promised yesterday evening on Facebook (yep, you can follow me there as well!) I'm doing the biggest clearance sale in the history of Ugly and Proud Records. This is mostly done for two reasons: I need some money to finance my next releases and I need to free some space on my shelves and in my boxes. This is where you come and can save quite a few bucks. You can even gather a few friends and place one order together because you can get more than one copy of the same release (if I have it available of course)!
Don't wait too much cuz lots of records I have only one copy of.

Here are the deals:

10x 7"s = 28 euros postage paid

A Thousand Words - Vivre Sa Vie
Asta Kask - Varldens Ladaste Land
Awake - Breaking Away
Borrowed Time - Captive Souls
Bright Light - Mind And Soul
Die Young - Chosen Path
Die Young / Confronto split
Double X Crossed - break these chains
Heatseeker - Desolation
Last Dayz - Fatality
My Turn / The Bridge split
Old Flings / Control Group split
Pressure - Your Rage
Raw Justice - Artificial Peace
Raw Justice - We Don't Need Your Friends
Reality Check - the world on my shoulders
Reality Returns - s/t
Safe Hands vs Vanity split
Snake Road - Severed
Soldiers - Hit The Bricks
Spiknykter - s/t
Stop At Nothing - Legends Never Die (infrared pack) (counts as 3 copies as there are 3x 7"s)
The Deal - Life's Scars
The No Marks / Dead Cuts split
The Weight We Carry - Downcast
Tongues - Raw Nerves
Troublesome - This Hill
Unforgiven - Last Of The Few
Work For It - No Escape
Worshit - s/t

7x LPs = 50 euros postage paid

Alcatraz - Smile Now, Cry Later
Animal Instinct - Unfinished Business
Appraise - deeper than that
Die Young - Chosen Path
El Camino Car Crash - Routine
Hell-O-Hill - Maelstrom
Hollow Truth - the power to endure
In Circles - Void Of Illusion
Live Fast, Die Fast - Keep Your Fingers Crossed
Mill Caras - pietas-virtus-fides
Nine Eleven - 24 years
State Of Mind - Knowledge of Self
Static Void - s/t
The Smashrooms - Wildfire